BACHELOR THESIS in Urban Design “Sewing the city_Shaping a new center”

The design course has an intensive character and takes place in ETSAB-UPC Barcelona, 16 students from the German University in Cairo, willing to coordinate exchange opportunities with local students from equivalent level and disciplines sharing topics, lectures, visits, presentations.

The Design course comprehends:

  •  Working sessions and regular presentations with the presence of ETSAB professors
  • Lecture series to support the development of the proposal
  • Visit to relevant  offices in the definition of the contemporary city and relevant urban and architectonic interventions


Topic and considerations

The proposal is centered on the reformulation of Glòries square, its surroundings and linked or related urban realities or tissues.

It aims to join an revise a current and central topic on the construction and on the debate of the contemporary Barcelona, and a platform to reflect on the recent competition.


Course description and learning outcomes

  • Addressing the urban dimension in architecture, dealing with high complex situations, regarding the scale and nature of the intervention.
  • Developing Urban proposals with the potential of reconfiguring the qualities of the city beyond the limits of the intervention.
  • Integrating the architectural, landscape and infrastructural dimension.
  • Exercising tools to design large scale architecture with a high level of complexity
  • Conceiving and dealing simoultaneously with different architectural scales from the programmer and design dimension to the ability of architecture to reconfigure the cityscape.
  • Including mobility and the incidence of infrastructures in the configuration of the space.