Final Presentation (6/6/17)

Final Presentation Outcome

  • Addressing the urban dimension in architecture, dealing with high complex situations, regarding the scale and nature of the intervention.
  • Developing Urban proposals with the potential of reconfiguring the qualities of the city beyond the limits of the intervention.
  • Integrating the architectural, landscape and infrastructural dimension.
  • Exercising tools to design large scale architecture with a high level of complexity
  • Conceiving and dealing simoultaneously with different architectural scales from the programmer and design dimension to the ability of architecture to reconfigure the cityscape.
  • Including mobility and the incidence of infrastructures in the configuration of the space.

Guest Jurors

  • Carles Crosas, Vice-Dean ETSABarcelona
  • Manuel Bailo, Professor University of Virgina, EAReus
  • Marta Bayona, Professor ETSAB
  • Quim Rosell, Professor ETSAB
  • Teresa Tourvas, Professor University of Nicosia




Model pictures


Presentation panels


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